Autonomous Cyber Defence

Faced with hugely complex networks, systems and infrastructures on one hand, and with the anticipated huge growth of safety-critical autonomous systems on the other hand, human operators will not be in a position to monitor the cybersecurity of these assets any more, and will not be able to respond to cyber-attacks at their speed, scale and level of complexity.

To defend such complex and autonomous future military and civil systems against cyber-attacks, we need to equip them with Autonomous Intelligent Cyber-defence Agents (AICA) that will do the job for us, at speed and at scale.

Autonomous Cyber Defence (ACyD) is a new field of research & technology that presents thirteen challenges.

Starting from NATO IST-152’s seminal AICA Reference Architecture, the Autonomous Intelligent Cyber-defence Agents International Work Group (AICA IWG) intends to develop the autonomous cyber defence science that will enable the next-generation battlefield.